[almost] midnite note

Gosh!! those little mouses really annoyed me!! not just one, two, but this is three little mouses in my kitchen!! hufh!! and they are really fast…

I have to do something with this mouses… not poison them… coz that won’t good… they can die anywhere… and it can be ugly death in an ugly place with the ugly smell -__-“

About a year ago, we ever used the rat poison to dismiss the mouse, and… gosh… they were so strong, it needs two pack of poisons to dismiss them -___-a without our knowing, suddenly the amount of the mouses eliminate slowly… we were so happy but then we realize something bad happened… yup… the ugly death of the mouse, on the curtain track, without any announcement… and yup it was successfully stuck on there *we didn’t know for how long*. We were noticed it since that the house smell really bad, and when it comes the cleaning time… there were him… death… rotten… and full of maggots in his body… oops sorry if I missed put the gender, coz we really couldn’t identify the body ckckckckck…and it was very unpleasant finding -___-”

this time, maybe I should try the rat’s glue hehehe *grinned* so when will be the terminator day? hehehhe… really can’t wait… 😛

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