the mineral water misery

okay… I kind a a messed in this weekend… 
maybe it’s because I get my period, so that’s why become such sensitive and such mellow…
and coz one not really important thing yesterday… hey and it’s really mellowed me…

so all of this start with I’m running out of mineral water. and we do have specific brand for our gallon water. since that my house mate, MRQ, having married in her hometown, that means I have to fulfill our house need by myself *or I have to think it by myself*. Then, I called doraemon for help, and apparently he was on a date with m’ayu at Padang (attempt one failed). I tried to call noph2, and it was diverting… yup.. we had problem in calling him, it seemed it always get diverted 😦 (attempt two failed).

and since that in the afternoon, TTT contacted me through bbm in regarding to return MRQ’s bag, then I asked him to help me, but he rejected *through bbm* he said that his mill stop, and okay I understand that.. it was really an emergency… then.. I texted Raden… my last choice.. he didn’t reply…

then who else, I know a name… but I’d like to have it as my last choice… since that the environment and bla bla not really supporting. then.. I remember that we still have koko.. the nicest guy ever! but I think I forget that he is in d same mess with TTT.

I called the mess, TTT answered and he suddenly said… about can’t helping me… then.. I kind a asking why he still at mess… and bla bla bla… then he suddenly sounds mad at me… then I said.. hey.. I call for koko… then he called koko… still with mad voice.. and in the other hand koko didn’t realize that I’m in the phone.. he keep asking why… meanwhile TTT with his tempered yelling.. Gosh… I do hate hearing that… if you can’t help me it’s okay.. you dont have to put your temper there… then koko on the phone.. but he said he busy.. okay it’s okay… he said what about tomorrow morning.. then I said yes it’s okay.. thank you…

I hang up… and I’m sad… I just need help and I’m sorry if I do it wrong.. I really do guys..

then Raden called, he knew I’m asking for help to buy gallon.. *he just knew it from the way I text him* he said he just wake up and it’s already night, and he can help me tomorrow morning… and I answered you dont need to… coz someone will help me tomorrow morning… 

ok.. this will be long  story since I still have the euphoria… so be patient please 😛

and meanwhile I check my twitter my friend probo, is dealing with death or live things in the ocean with the boat. then he commented in our picture sharing in BB regarding his condition that just happened to him… and mas srigala (okey, let’s make it short into mas sri 😛 yes!!!), then this mas sri, wanto make some joke… said that why don’t you die… then spontaneous I reply… “ahahhahhaa”… then probo… reply again… with anger “why you guys laugh? I hope you dont have to be in that situation” and suddenly I feel so much guilty..

so it’s so perfect… guilty… sad.. sensitive… and then I cried…

and in the next day… koko didn’t offer me… and I dont want to be in that last night position again… then I called my senior… he said okay.. but later after his finish his work… but up to 4 p.m he didn’t show up… then my last choice… I text Raden in the same text as before… then he reply just like what I will I ask to him.. then he said okay, after ashar.. then I gladly said yes.. 

okay.. then he take me to buy my gallon, I texted my senior that I already have someone to help me… and as I imagined he knew who… when we arrived at my mess, I went into mess first to open my door, I saw someone in front mess  2 watching the car and watching my mess… and suddenly I feel annoyed.. okay.. make ur gosip!!! I just so annoyed with my friend… hey I’m not stupid… I won’t do the same mistake… but that doesn’t mean that I can’t have any relation with him… hey… his the one who can help me here… where were you when I need you, guys… 

then… I called beruang… I get pissed by what happened… I told him… and he said… hey maybe TTT just in really stress that’s why when hearing you, he imagined your spoiled wish… okay.. make sense.. thanks friend for explain it to me… and regarding my friend… he just smile.. hey… especially when he commented on kodok.. you already know him h0n… and I just grinned…

the most gossipable person
go head make a gossip… I really do wont care this time!

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