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Sikuai Island : beautiful indeed

“you dont have to have a sophisticated camera to take the best picture
you dont have to be a professional photographer to take the best picture
coz.. it is already naturally beautiful…. even with the worst camera and the worst person to take it… it is still beautiful!!!”

too exaggerate maybe… but it’s TRUE, prove it by visit Sikuai Island… nice blue ocean blending with the white sand and the green of the trees on the island, and yet you can see the coral with your bare eyes -so beautiful-. let me give you a peek of pictures:

those pictures above taking by me (un-professional photographer, lousy one, coz actually I’m just a narciss model :P) using my bb camera phone and my digital camera (which actually I miss-used in setting thing… that’s why the picture quite small, smaller than my bb camera….hufh… in my defense I’m the model not the photographer and not intend to be one… but I love what photographer’s done.. they’re great making things great ^^). Actually I’m with my friends who like photography when I went there, but… hehehe… I dont kow if they are okay to put their masterpiece in here, and let’s stay away from trouble.. that’s why I chose my own masterpiece hehehe… and despite on everything.. you’ll see that Sikuai Island is truly beautiful… 

how to get there

ok… location first, Sikuai Island is in West Sumatera, that means you have to go to Padang first. Then visit Dermaga Muaro, find the AW Restaurant. From Padang (Dermaga Muoro) to Sikuai Island, we’re travelling by boat, the cost about Rp 250.000,- with the return ticket and a lunch there, the boat from Padang is available in the morning before 10 a.m. I went there on June, and it was a one day trip to Sikuai, but you can choose to stay nights there, depend on you ^^. It takes 45 minutes from Padang to Sikuai Island, and along the way you’ll find that Sumatera really has beautiful scenery and most of it the hills… green hills along the seaside… beautifull indeed…

what do you do there

actually, not much you can do in Sikuai Island, but regarding all of that… the scenery is worth the trip, money, and your time… first come there you will be amazed by the view, then you will just jump to the beach playing with the water and taking photograph there and there…

then you can go jogging, or walking around the island, because there is jogging track around the island. If you do the walking or jogging around the island, please make sure you bring your water with you, coz you wont find any store or anyone who sells drink except in the main building near the pier. And if you go to the sea, of course you can also snorkling, diving, and swimming… or just play in that beach… if you take the longer trip (not the one day trip), you can have the chance to see sunset and sunrise. But when we were going there it was in the election day… in the boat is only about 15 people… so when we got there actually is just like private island to us… so quiet but so beautiful and peaceful…

what should you bring

  • many of snacks and mineral water, or something to eat (if it’s possible bring your own food). this is because you’ll find everything is expensive there… very expensive… so better you prepare your own meal and drink than buying in there, even tough lunch is included in the packet.
  • camera!!!
  • bring your bicycle (if you’d like to riding a bike along the jogging track)
  • sun block
  • diving or snorkling stuff (if you’d like to dive or snorkling )
  • swim suit
  • ur things (dress, medicine, etc)

If you go there alone, or two, or in small group without any activities plan, then it’s better if you choose the one day trip (boat leaving from Sikuai at 4 p.m). because there is little thing to be offered there at night. But if you go there in a group which already has plan or activities.. maybe there is a barbecue party, or anything else… then it’s okay to stay there longer.

Some facts that I found there
uhm.. I dont want to just give you the sweets. I’d also like to share the bitter things in Sikuai Island, to you to be prepared…
first, the hall or the main building is no longer as beautiful as before the earthquake… when we were there, there are still lot of ruins… but thanks God there’s also people who working on it… the pier also quite in ruins… looks like it’s going to collapse.. but it still safe.. I dont know how they maintain it.. but it still safe…
second, you can still see a lot of ruins along the jogging track.. but still it is still safe! ^^
third, the food is expensive… and the taste is not as worth as the price 😦 that’s why I told you to bring your own supplies…
third, I dont know it’s for general or not.. but when we get there.. we felt there was lack of service… almost everything related to service was sooo less… that’s why we glad we only had the one day trip.
But despite all of that… the beautiful beach… scenery…. is worth trying!!! really it’s just like paradise.

okay… it was a nice get away… a very peaceful and beautiful island…
for further information you can visit this web:

happy travelling ^^
Indonesia is truly beautiful
Thanks to Allah for those gift
*wondering what next place I’m going to visit ^^*

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