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h0n’s Book Review: Last weekend on June

hey… I kinda like reading lately… and I read good books last week… two books I like to share in here, and Marmut Merah Jambu (MMJ), two different type of book but both of them are good book… highly recommended to be read. I read since two months ago *I guess* but I just could finish it last week, that’s because I have other things to take care of… lot of things to be exact. Ok here’s my review: that I read is an e-book, written by Pandji the musician and broadcaster, I guess (MC), he is also the ambassador for Lifeb**y and  the presenter for Dan*m*n “Bisa”. that two jobs lead him to go around Indonesia, and then through his very ordinary yet so thought-full thought comes this e-book this book really about our nationalism to Indonesia, open by question, how come we are not love Indonesia, when we have so much gifts (scenery, culture, people), and when the foreigners love Indonesia… then he will lead us to all the facts that he know that will prove us why we should love our country… through his nationalism act and patriotic event such when our country had a sport competition both national event and international event
And he will also lead us to traveling across cities in Indonesia, he write about the special places, special scenery which is so beautiful, beautiful and historical building, and etc.
I love this e-book… when I was reading it… it seems I’m the one who traveling across those cities… seeing all that sceneries… and when I jump to the argument about financial.. gosh it’s just like joining in the seminar but fun economy!! then when reading about our national history…It seems that this book dragging me into library and I’m busying myself searching for facts just like detective searching for clue… awesome… this book just like a journey… journey that make me more fall in love to Indonesia.. make me want to travel more reveal what this country hiding behind those terrible news on media…overall.. you have to read this!!

Marmut Merah Jambu 

Raditya Dika… Raditya Dika… always be my favorite when I want to laugh… his first book Kambing Jantan is phenomenon one… ROFL!!
This Marmut Merah Jambu (MMJ) is kind a different from other books of Raditya Dika.. in this book is more us.. more human.. coz the topic in here is about love… how to understand love.. which in the end we still won’t understand love…
It’s not RD if it won’t make you laugh… this book contains of several stories… he said all of the stories is based on his experience with love in the past… and this book not came from blog…
Some of the stories… bring us to mellow situation but yet still so funny… and the story for me feels more live… since that the stories come out from the experience of love.. something that very close to us.. while we read it.. maybe we will say.. ooo… I’ve been in that situation and bla bla bla… 
Reading this book for me just like drinking lemon tea in d desert… fresh a while and sad sometime… knowing that we’re still in d desert… hey but we still have lemon tea in hand… yup.. coz sometime this book also will make us little bit mellow with the love story with his thought about love… but he is not Raditya Dika if he can’t write love story in humor… nice book overall… really can make you laugh reading it.. and people around you will questioning ur mental… wakakakkakka…
hueee… make a book review is totally not easy it needs more than a week to make this review… hehehe.. nothing much I can share.. but I still learn to make a good book review… see ya in my next book review…
the smiling and love to laugh traveler ^^

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