Quote ^^

things on my head

Deep down in me.. maybe I am still wondering why? *but I’m too afraid to ask… coz I believe whatever it was you already thought about it… you already put all of the facts and risk… and for me you are the most mature man that I ever known that ever closed to me… so those decision for me is a valid one… a strong one…* even… somehow sometimes… I still dont get it… I am still wondering… but… let’s move on… 

I prefer to have rough-ugly break up to a calm and so nice break up (If there’s a relationship, what so ever it was)… It’s easier to cure a pain that can be seen then cure a pain that we don’t know exactly where it is..

and I do realized it’s hard to me to be just friend with him (which sometimes it makes me confuse, so if it’s now friend then what we were before???) -__-a

I guess, I quite forget how to laugh with you… (everything seems not funny at all with you)

wolverine or cyclops? ugh.. I still want both in one man… more cyclops when with me 😛 coz I like to be cared and love to care someone I love ^^ and more wolverine to have fun *I couldn’t think clear now… babbling babbling and babbling… gosh… I know Allah has plan for me… 

there’s sunshine after the rain…

some are true… and some, it’s really true 😛

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