words from my work

what will be our topic discussion for today… Hm.. Lately I kind a have little issue in my work place..
I, Once again feel not get my call in here..I didn’t feel the satisfaction in working..and the most awfull feeling is I feel like I am only a chicken baby..only do what the mother ask to do..
Some of my friend said that was good, you don’t have to think hard right..but..once again I said.. That rule doesn’t apply to me..
I love to make creation.. I love to think.. I love to make an idea.. I love that I can use my imagination in order to taking care a problem or issue..
I love those kind of things..

Hm..for now, I’m wishing for great patient.. I’m wishing for my best try in work..
And d most important thing.. I wish.. I wish Someone will take me out from here.. ^^

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