stupid question ever!!

okay.. Now I know I’m happy breaking up with you
Now I know how relieve I am for not longer having feeling for you
Now I know how stupid I used to be to trusting you that much..for ignoring all my friend voices..
Now I know why God set our meeting and separate us in that way
Now I know how Allah love me that Allah gives those lesson..
Now I know how happy I am knowing all this

Snif snif.. There’s one day that I made an appoinment with my Ex in airport so that we could wait and share taxi to indarung (since, I’m little bit paranoid with taxi if it comes a night)..
Everything was so great.. We could manage our seat in d plane.. And we had a nice dinner in airport.. We share story from where we had holidays.. It was so normal..

Our plane was delayed.. And we had time to share our story.. He told about his girl and his proposal to his ex (see..this is d reason we are not together again)
I told him I have complicated relation with my friend.. (Which he really not want to hear.. He I see as not a good friend.. When it is NOT HIM)
So.. I really happy with this conversation.. Coz.. It means we are normal.. And it is not awkward anymore..

But then in the plane.. Something not as my imagination occured.. Just like a big splash come in a very silent pool.. He asked me this surprisingly stupid question..
*how ’bout cheating for 5 minute, han*

And I feel so gratefull that we already broke up…

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