one silly question

lately I kind a like to throw this question:

“Guys… I have one silly question.
Is it normal for friend holding hands?”

simple question, but will create a great conversation with friends. various responds I got by throwing it.. and all of them so funny and so thoughtful.. there was teasing respond… wondering respond… and so seriously taking the question’s respond…

several of them answering by question, “have we ever holding hands, h0n?” ckckckck… and thanks GOD it’s never!! xixixixi fact #1 we never holding hand (me and my boy friends).

some of them… teasing me… *let’s ignored this type of answer :p *

then, we have this moment, me, beruang, deper, and kumun… were meeting in kodok and cimol’s pre-wedding photo session which was held in our beloved campus. and since that we are group of narcis people, then… without any commando… we are the model of our own pre-wedding photo session… merrier, funnier, and so US!!! hehehhe…
and in one of the session, we took a picture of cheating couple… two session to be exact, the normal couples, and the gay couples. and we have our senior to take the picture *she’s one of the hot female photographer… she creates so artistic picture.. so it was a lucky moment for us 🙂 -let’s call her ms.phographer*

so the cheating session started:
beruang as the playboy, me at first as the second lady *wooopss….* then deper as beruang’s girl. ms.photographer lead us with several command… then when time to pose, I realized that i have to hold beruang’s hand… *and yiaaaakkss… my feeling say no… I can imagine myself holding his hand.. wakakkaka.. just not right…* I shouted asking for re-role… hehhehe.. now, I’m the beruang’s girl ^^ 
for me is it much more better for me… put my head near -so near- to beruang’s shoulder than holding his hand…but still it feeling so *big* weird put my head near his shoulder… wakakkaka…
but it was… so nice session…. wakakkaka… so awkward but so nice pict… I think I don’t have ‘model’ material… xixixiixixi…

when I asked to deper… how’s the feeling.. she said the same… and thanks GOD I dont have to be her position, coz she had to do both posed (the holding hand and the put our head in his shoulder) hehehhehe…

but when I asked to kumun, how’s his feeling holding beruang’s hand…. he said happily… it is so nice… his so gentle… my heart beating so fast… hm… ^^ *that’s my own version… hehehhehe*

so that was fact #2 it is so awkward when we have to holding hand

and in this morning… I throw the same question to my friend… then we had a nice morning conversation…he said it was normal, when he holding his friend hand… but since that I know.. actually he had feeling for her… that didn’t count as normal one…

coz… how the situation are… we certainly won’t do that kind of thing if we are friend… fact #3 is friend with no special feeling won’t holding hands.

and then I realized… it feels so different when we’re holding hands with friend in order helping each other, someone in a forced, and holding hands with someone we like… hehehehehhe…
of course it’s much comfie holding hands with someone we like or love… and it will much comfie and right to holding our wife/husband’s hand ^^

so guys….
I have one silly question.
Is it normal for friend holding hands?? 

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