meeting my Ex’s girlfriend (so what gitu loh….)

dear blog,

oops it’s been a while since I temporary privatizing my blog 😛 but why I’m open it now? hmmm.. coz I want to share some picture to some of my bests!!! hehehhe..

okay… first story it’s “meeting my Ex’s girlfriend (so white gitu loh…)”

actually that event happened about a week ago (may 2nd) in my MT’s friend baralek (wedding party). me and MRQ as usual went to that party accompanied by my married bibi’ -asri- and her husband -suhe-. when we arrived there.. I kind a had feeling that my Ex -Raden- was there.. (coz I saw the car actually). then I saw he was there sitting with several friends -paicol and his wife -buya-, then noph2, doraemon, and long hair lady in purple- and it then I realized that is Raden’s girlfriend… and all my friend waaaksss…. they were so funny with their ‘want to laugh’ face… yup.. they just so excited cause it was not only me meeting my Ex’s girlfriend but it also we -me and the new GF- wore the same color dress, purple. it was a week ago.

but why I came out with this story again?? now?? 
hmm… coz today I met buya and her husband… then she just grabbed my arm and said ‘h0n, if I were you last week… I’d act totally confused with a red face.” first.. I don’t get it… then.. I realize… of the purple in baralek moment ya?? I’m asking. she nodded.
wow.. why all this people exaggerating those moment.. Me, myself found it so usual… okay I met his new GF.. and it was okay… for me it’s not a big deal…”h0n, next you should bring someone.. to equal him!” said her in passion… “hey… we are already big!! it’s unnecessary!! so child!!” I answered quite confuse… I know my friend want to support me.. hey… but guys I dont need support in this matter… hey guys.. still.. thank you…

it is trully not a big problem… actually he already told me about her… we ever had discussion about his gal… and I’m not that kind of woman…I’m the kind of: “if it’s over then IT’S OVER!! once I get hurt… I learned from it… “