it's all start with...

Birthday Confession!

in the friday nite, shockingly beruang call me… really shocking thing… since that he hereby very rare in calling me in the nite especially friday.. hehhehe *I’m exaggerating in here ^^* he.. in thrill sound.. very thrill… shooting me with some various question regarding on our beloved friend’s -ms ada dech- birthday… exact date to be meant by him…

somehow he asking me in a rush whether ms. ada dech ever mentioned about her trully date of birth – which somehow he believed is not as stated in her ID card, which said April 17th-

and I said… never heard one of those… but then… we agreed on double cross checked it to her -ms. ada dech- She finally gave us the real birthday whatsoever is still in April 17th (saturday). then our conference conversation topic changed into this mysterious guy that she met or like to be exact… she with her habbit in being mysterious still kept the identity of this men… but of course by the power of my seduction… and not supported beruang.. then we finally agreed that in her birthday, she will call us and reveal who is this mysterious guy at 8.00 a.m … hehhehe…

see.. how great we are in seducing… a birthday gal is convincing to call her friends instead being called by her friends in order congratulate her… hehhehehe… we are wacko!!! hehhehhe…  

I wake up… nervously watching my mobile seeing what time was it… the waiting time was thrilled…and yup… she kept her promise… she called us…conference began… confession time…

hehehe… she with shy… take her time in revealing who is this mysterious guy.. who happened could steal her heart… and by her happiness then she had this gut in telling us… and this is really the first time she convince to us… that she has crush with someone… wow!!!

and that guy.. let’s call it.. mr. L-Man…hehhehe… and we had this 3++ minutes in interrogate her about this mr. L-man… hehhehe… and apparently… we believed that he is a good guy… and I hope it’ll end on married… but let’s hope mine happen first… wakkakkaka…


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