must fit in!!!

dear blog…

lately I kind a felt that I’m not suitable for this company… got demotivated… and didn’t have any passion for my work… then, I realize… I got to change it.. since that this company… whatever the work circumstance are… but still they pay me… so, I dont want to be paid without give any contribution… coz then.. I’ll be questioning myself.. do I have the right for the money I get??

So.. up to now.. I’ll be giving my best.. hopefully… eventhough it feels not right with my way… but I should give something, my obedience at least… I kind a like to compare where I work now with my previous office… the more I complaint it.. the more I understand… that there won’t be any perfectly fit place to work…

I kind a remember my old post which said that the one who create happiness is ourself. Then I get it, why don’t I create my own happiness in this office… so up to know… I’ll try… I’ll try to be as positive, as motivated, as my first time working in here… coz I dont want having many that I’m not supposed to have!! 

Bismillah.. a good will, InsyaAllah will be happened… 
happy working ^^

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