uhhhh…. kangen heavy!!!!

hari ini h0n jadi pajangan rapat, karena cuma jadi pajangan alhasil bisa chat sepuasnya… waakkakkaka… salah satunya chat with my beloved friend si xena… huhhh.. she’s truly friend… knowing her since junior high… and our friendship still last up to know eventhough we went in different senior high and faculty!!! she’s just something precious, trully my best, beside ms ada dech and beruang yach… hehehhe

we used to have this activity in YM, webchat… but since my laptop went error… that funny activity stopped eventually. hiks…. she’s different with ms. ada dech and beruang, me with them usually maintain our friendship my conference phone, which sometimes we do it once a week. with her I quite seldom in calling her, since we have different mobile operator, but still chat and webchat is enough for us to maintain ours.

okay, we had this chat as usually… most of the chat were talking ’bout boy and our family! this time she had a confused thing with the one she cared. I asked her whether they already know each other or not if they’re being in love. she said they already know each other. then i asked how come…she said she told him and asked for certainty of their relationship… shocking!!! wow… how could she do it??? hm… I wish I could have the gut to do so… huhuhuhuhuuhuhuhu… hiks T_T

then, she showed me some of their picture in Bali… huhuhuhuuhuhuuhu… Mupeng mode on!!! haiyyyyaaaahhh… I’m happy for them.. hope their relationship ends on marriage and happily ever after ^^ xena… you are a XENA!!!

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