apparently I can’t mad at you…

there is anger in me… anger that cause by you… it was so frustrated… and you know what… it was hard to calm it… it was too hurting to manage it… and now… when I want you to know… when I want you to understand how hard it is.. then.. I say no words… apparently I can’t mad at you… 

Yup, I can’t mad at you, even though you’ve been so cruel to me… you’ve been that deceiving to me…

Seeing taht you’re not changing at all… keep my anger’s calm… coz  I realize there is no use in mad at you, if you still like you used to be… that will waste my energy…

you know what, I’m happy with who I am right now… I’m happy that we can manage our frienship so well regarding what we had in the past… and hopefully someday you will change… coz I know that you are a good person…

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