mE..Me...aNd me...

my funny lovely mom…

hehehhehe… ada yang beda dari mami h0n belakangan ini.. jadi lebih mellow, kadang jadi lebih manja… kadang malah jadi lebih dewasa… hehehhehe… mami ku sayang… yang sabar ya mi….

this week she is officially taking her leave off from work, both works! and I can imagine how bored she is at home, since that she is my super mom!! very love her work… and very love her patient… guess what she’s been thinking while she should take home rest… “pasien mami gimana ya??? mami kangen ma pasien mami… kasihan mami tinggal…” hueeee….she’s my can’t hardly freezed her leg and do nothing’s mom!!! 

and that situation… take effects on me… as her daughter and her friend to talk… she sometimes being so weird, by acting mellow, spoiled, and even act like ‘mom’… hehhehe… call me minimal twice a day to chat, texting me worrying me… and it ends up with another text “why dont you reply my text sweetie?” hehhehe…. then I apparently have to text her… hehehhe… mom.. mom… I know you are worried, I know that you are lonely there… I know that you are in the anything’s not right situation… and believe it mom, I really want to be there… hehehhe.. watching you like this will be so nice… and funny *evil thought of mine hehhehe*

Mami.. InsyaAllah everything’s going to be okay… so be patient and enjoy at home ^^

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