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walk to work

photo up there was just edited by a friend of mine..hmm..i dunno what kind of editing that he did..but he did great! He knews exactly what he did..n i love d way he made that picture so dramatic..beautifully in past -in my opinion-

D picture is still original, no adding stuff, just playing in color..the picture was taken candid by ksatria -my mt friend- from d security was taken in 2009 when we still having ojt in distrans -if it’s not there then it must be in sisfo- in d pict. it was kodok, h0n, bibi’, n teteh..we were usually walk to work while we having ojt in main office..

Everyone used to walk to work..and it was great coz we had nice conversation every morning ’bout many, it’s quite changed, the walking member decreased in huge amount.. and my morning comes little bit so quite..

Love that much..

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