mini matic, giant riders… giant matic, mini rider…

there is matic’s motor trend in my environment, this happened since many of my MT friends bought a new motorcycle and most of them choose matic!!! but in my opinion there are some funny view when seeing them riding it. 

Mak Ratna Quwh (MRQ) -she hate when I called her Mas Ratna, and since I didn’t want something bad happened while I was sleeping so… it becames Mbak Ratna or Mak Na… hehhehe- bought her matic motor, M*o. that motor is quite small but it’s nice… enough fot the explanation.. coz you won’t get it if you’re not seeing the pic… so here we go:
In the photo up there is MRQ as the rider and me, h0n in the passenger seat. see… how mini that motor and how big we are, that’s why I called it Mini Matic, Giant Rider…
But, there is another funny picture regarding on matic issue. one of my friend bought another matic but from different manufacturer, it was V*rio. actually there was nothing wrong with him and the vario, coz he kind a big so that v*rio is fit to him. but it became something else when his girlfriend not girlfriend was riding on his motorcycle. let see…
Ok… now, you see why I called it so funny view right. she so mini meanwhile the motor cycle is quite big. this why I called Giant Matic, Mini Rider… no offense guys.. this is just for fun mbak ^^
oK.. that’s akk guys… happy riding on matic…
I am so happy having lot of friends who already have a motor… let’s go round guys… ^^

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