it's all start with...

It’s so crowded here…

First of all, I’d like to say:

Happy New Year Guys ^^

hope 2010 be a better year for you, me… and all of us! won’t repeat the same fooleries, won’t do the same mistake, and will try the best for ourself, others… and be more positive in thought and in actions!! bravo 2010!!!
so some overview, between new year eve up to new year holiday.. hope this story can bore you and accompany you to your lovely dream… hehehhe…
New Year Eve
in the wrong place and time *but it wasn’t wrong at all*
so.. it’s all begin in the evening, while I was in the office… it was ticking time up to the deadline of the go live event of our new ERP system… it was so many things unready… the consultant asked me regarding on the document signed in… it was one person left to sing in… meanwhile my procedures were rejected by my big boss, he said I had to questioned regarding on the need of his signature…
okay, I called the one person left to sign in, asking where he were so that I can meet him and get his signature… he was in the PSM… yippy… this meant I get one step to get over 2 building (get signature and discussed about my big boss rejection).
I went to PSM… got finished my two task and I ready to go, until the bigger boss called me questioned me regarding on the vendor data.. and voillaaa… he said “h0n you have to stand by tonite”. “Whaaaaaaaaaatttsss” with confused yet so surprisings feeling I got totally blank.
Yes.. that meant I have to be there… in the new year eve. that didn’t mean I already had my planned to spend new year eve, because for me new year is just like the changing of the year… the changing of the date… the changing of the day… the changing of the month.. that’s all nothing special, except that new year means it’s holiday!!! but that didn’t mean that I like to be awake up to dawn without knowing what to do either. I’d like to spent my nite by sleeping or do something else for myself… huhuhuhu..
So… that 4 more hours I was spent it by attending a meeting, while me my self busying myself doing my task. and in the changing period… we have this party of go live new system… it was so party *I guess* lot of snacks, hot drinks, and games.. So, I kind a enjoy it.
I preferred to join with our partners from java company.. in the smaller room, sitting there, discussing about the ERP system.. oh ya.. they were IT people… all of them except me.. but it was interesting chat!!! ^^ and voilllaaa.. it is 2010.
after the party.. I guess I chose the wrong person to be go home with.. ya.. he said he will go home soon.. but apparently… he wait until the boss were going home… huhuhuhu… beside that he left me to have mobile chat with his wife… huhuhuhuuhuhu… poor me… so I went home at 2 a.m!!!
New Year Holiday
got fooled and walking in the crowded street *so tired*
So… in the morning.. I wake up, tired, but Ike asked me to go out with her to town to buy something for her mobile.. but we’d like to go to Red Bean first to have lunch… and we were so hungry that time… and we’d like to go by public transportation coz we were too exhausted to walk as usual. the problem we didn’t know which angkot *public transportation* has this route. so we stop an angkot, we’re asking to the driver whether he went to PH or not. he said confidently “yes”.
Okay.. we jumped in to his car… and then we find his route was tremendously weird and taking us more far away from PH. we’re asking again… and he keep saying yes… and we believed in him… but then it was more far away up to a place of nowhere for us… a place that we were never been there.. tehn we asked to one of the passenger.. she said… this angkot didn’t have PH route… whatttsss…. we were so pissed… and then he stop and he said  “that its”. what??? I got so much anger inside until I lost my appetite… So hate that kind of people…

But Voilllaaa… we paid our anger with this…
Sup Kepiting Asparagus, Nasi Goreng Seafood *but not too seafood* and Bubur Ayam apalaaaah gitu..
And we’re also having Shanghai Ice.. Yummy..

after having our anger released in the Red Bean we were walking money-less to the atm, but to get there we have to struggle in this crawded street full of people walking and stop, car, and motorcycle park and not…

and.. damn we got so exhausted seeing this kind of view… no more walking in that street again dech… huhuhuhu…

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