guess what??? I’m working…!!!

hue…. pagi ini, bangun tidur biasanya agak santai… jalani rutinitas mulai sholat, bermanja manja ria di kasur, ampe ketiduran… hehhehehe… but this morning is different!!

after prayed, I, as usual decided to open my beloved semi-error laptop and connected to internet. If in the other days I did chat and written on my blog, today.. still writing on my blog and working!!! yup!!! I opened my work mail, then I start to reply all of our vendor’s emails… wakkakakaka…
by still laying down in my bed with my blanket still all over me… hehehhe.. I’m working… apparently is a fun thing to do such thing… working in our home… this is giving me an idea to be an entrepreneur at internet, that must be great… working at home… and you still can do lot of thing at home.. taking care of your family, maybe ^^ and the best part we can decide the time and our outfit… It’s a freestyle!!! Nice rite ^^
Okay.. enough for the chit chat.. have to take a shower and go to the office nie… bub byee…
Have a nice day..

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