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Officially Walking Alone >.<

Hueee… si koko finally bought his own motorcycle… between happy and sad, cause I definitely gonna miss the moment walking home with him.. hehehehhe… actually.. there’s no one left who will accompany walking home after work… gonna miss walking with somebody nie…

then, my journey of walking home alone is officially will be start per today ^^ After teteh got married, after I’ve been transferred out from PTP -Ike… I missed that Coal Storage street huhuhu T_T-, after M’ayu is officially going to office by her boyfriend’s motorcycle… and now… after Koko has his dreamed ‘macho’ motorcycle… huhuhuhu… am I the only one in this office who loves walking?? sure there are still M’irenk, M’amed… but then they’re not in the same office with me… huhuhuhuhu…

Okay… Happy Walking Home Alone ^^

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