from office with Love ^^

believe it or not.. this blog written from this office in the middle of the nite… when the factory’s alarm already rang… which meant it is my sleeping time… huhuhuuhu…

today, 23th Dec, apparently to be the last day our old ERP system operated.. so all operational stuffs must be finished today… so we dont have to bring out trashes to our new ERP system… gosh.. it’s already 205 documents that I had systemly approved. and I guess it’s over 50 millions rupiah… wow wondering when I gonna see that huge amount of money in reality wakakkakka :p

and not just that.. in the same day I had to email the vendor regarding to our website that they had to visit to entry their bank account.. and do you know how much vendor it was?? huee.. it wast about 900 vendors… and each vendor has their own login and email… so I did my best by trying to contact them by email… and I feel really guilty with all those vendor who didn’t give their email.. and for those vendor who has company name in the bottom level of alphabet -I do really sorry regarding to the shocked announcement in this last day of work- Why in this case I feel lot of guilty feeling… because our company put so tiny time to me to announce and to them to fill in their data into the website… and since this is in the begining of the holiday season.. that was made me feel so much guilty.

Hm.. I guess I had done my best… and I feel quite satisfy with all I’ve done ^^ this is the first time I feel a work satisfaction in this new office… yippy.. I guess in the next It’s better if I did my way… hurray….

This was me.. while waiting the docment to be approved by me.
It was taken candid by one of my colleague at my office… he did it on purpose, of course…

Now.. still in the office waiting another document to be approved by system… huhuhuhuhuhu… I wanna go home *sing Michael Buble) I wanna go home…. 

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