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I’ve done mine… what ’bout you???

that story had been forced to be finished, and now it has finished roughly. the book’s also already closed, and not to be opened anymore. i don’t want to stare that book again -i was too afraid with my own desire to open it- now my time to move on. I put that book in a box -locked- and wrapped so tight, then I put it in the bottom of my closet, where no bare eyes can’t easily see. it was in the corner in the place where it’s hard to reach, and it was so dark, and it was exactly as I want it to be.

I put the key in my drawer. the mess one. so it will hard to search.

I call the box as my ‘tribute to maturnity’ and hope I won’t open that box until I get ready to laugh about it.

that box keep something precious from the past… a learning path that I’ve been through… things that had done… things that couldn’t be changed… mistakes that had already been made… mistakes that shouldn’t be repeated… lesson that should be remembered and learned… past that will lead me to my future by learned it and be rich because of it.

I have to learn and try not to make the same mistake. I kind a remember my boss said:

that smart person is not the one who learned from his mistake, but smart person is the one who learned from anyone else’s mistake.

I guess that’s quite right, coz we’re the one who don’t need to make mistake but rich by taking the lesson from someone else’s mistake. But for me, if it’s already happened, so nothing we can do, except to take it wisely and  get the lesson from it. it’s better not to repeat it, coz I don’t want to be dumber than a donkey!

So what about your story… is it already finished… or you just keep the story unfinished and the book still open to be checked regularly… don’t you think that it kind of waste your time and energy… thinking ’bout the past, decision that you’ve already made… things that you’ve already done… is it will give any changing by letting that book open without do something… Come on my dear friend.. you’ve got to move on.. just closed that book… you still can open it someday… but for right now… you’ve got to move on… you have to make your decision… and you better be brave to do it…

Living in the past by do nothing about it… ooo… come on you smarter than that my dear…
So… I’ve don’t mine.. what about you???

to all my dear friends… we’ve got to move on!!!

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