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This weekend, I went to my friend’s house before did my duty as guest greeter in another friend’s wedding. We had this a light conversation which actually had a very serious meaning, we’re talking about happiness. We had discussion since we felt that lately we’re having such a busy and tired tasks in work since this new ERP program will be implemented soon in our company.

and this friend, she’s so positively in seeing condition. she said how tired we are but if we were happy, then everything will be so much happy. in other word, we have this conclusion.

Happiness.. is not something that we were searching for. It is wrong if we are searching for it, cause then we’ll see an very exhausted effort and yet not satisfactory for us. and there will be also lot of complaining in the process.

The right way of seeing happiness, in our opinion is quite simple as below:

Happiness… is something that we should create. we are the one who should create our own happiness. we are the creator of it.

so in this case no matter how our conditions are, since that we are always think positively and think happy of what we are now, then we will be happy too in every conditions that we are created. so in this case, we were not waiting for happiness, coz we are creating it, and every moments we can create happiness. so in here we have the concept of happiness every times and everywhere.

and this concept is quite the same as Islam’s concept of sincerity and “qonaah” (taking every conditions with sincerity). I’ve been thinking that statement of happiness… and the more I think of it.. the more I understand that we are the creator of happiness for ourself. Coz it’s all starting with ourself not everyone else. So… let’s making many happiness for ourself!!!! Be Happy….


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