mE..Me...aNd me...

a single with her matchmakers!!!

hm… some people say it’s hard being a single, some people say it’s very lonely being a single, and some people say it’s very free being a single…

But for me… it’s okay being a single but people tends to get busy to gossiping!!!
Me… you can call me h0n, coz I used to be called like that, and I guess some friends still call me h0n up to now. I’m working for quite big company in a place far away from my hometown.. small city exactly. me and my others 54 friends is set to be new employee in 2008. me and my other 6 girls are coming from far away place leave in d company’s houses. and between the girls hm.. I’m the single one… since September 2009.
And since they found out ’bout my new single status.. wow… people tend to busy gossiping me or match me with another friends… almost all my girlfriends now be my matchmaker… and some of the guys too
I don’t know how to react to this situation… should I be happy..?? coz I have lot of friends who care bout me… or should I get mad??? coz sometimes they tend to force or gossiping me.
Do they know… how I feel..??? I’m happier than before.. I enjoy with my status… I have my plan to married in the future… and I pray for my soulmate to come…. but I’m happy being who I am now… I’m not busying myself with search for boyfriend regarding on my plan… coz I believe someone meant to be with me… and if the time is come.. he’ll be with me…
Sometime the gossip bothering me so much… coz in here gossip easily spread to the environment… can I go with friend and we’re just only friend??? can I’m asking help to my boy friend and it’s truly coz I’m asking help without new rumor comes up in the next morning…???
just want to be an ordinary girl not yet a woman… hehehhehe ^^

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