One in a Million’s Moment

Weeeeits… an very extraordinary moment happens today… Beruang curhat ma h0n!!!! iyahh… BERUANG CURHAT!!! biasanya tuh yang suka curhat tuh h0n.. terus dia bakal kasih nasehat nasehat banyol nya ke h0n kalo h0n lagi curhat.

Tapi hari ini… hueee…. dia curhat serius wakakkakkaka… so truly him…
Beruang… semangat jangan cedih yach… sometimes you should think of YOU… jangan cuma bisa nyenengin orang lain!!! and sometime we need to tell people of what we like or dislike… coz sometime they dont really know how’s our feeling… okay…!!! and please do not hesitate to tell them…

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